Motor Repairs and Installation

 Garage Door MotorMany motor repairs are usually due to improper working doors and can be repaired for a fraction of the cost on the first visit. It has become commonplace in the industry to always recommend replacement. In many instances this is the best solution but I've found most companies recommend this because the technicians are incapable of properly diagnosing the actual problem. Some parts are expected to wear out and need replacing. Others are not and it’s rare when they fail. So replacing the garage door opener should be based on what components have failed, not how old it is.

 Garage Door Safety EyesSome things to keep in mind are garage door openers without safety eyes. These will have to be replaced since they do not meet code requirements, due to the UL 325 standard. Manufacturers, installers, and homeowners are liable for injuries. For that reason, these models and are no longer supported. In the event a new garage door motor makes more sense, I stock them on the truck. A full line of remotes and keypads and other accessories are available as well. We service such brands as LiftMaster, Genie, Linear, Craftsman, and are familiar with but will mostly likely need replacing are Stanley, Automatic Doorman, Ambassador, Powerlift, and many others.